• Siderlamina Sud

    "Specialising in the production of T-Posts"

Who We are

SIDERLAMINA SUD SRL is a company specialized in the manufacture of iron fencing-systems and in the production of iron T-posts providing quality and long-term durability at a lower cost.

Our strength is our customers and the building up of a great business relationship based on reliability, timeliness and punctuality, without neglecting the quality of the products.

To do so, we wish the collaboration between our company and the customer would be the starting point to improve the quality on either side

  • SIDERLAMINA SUD srl mark has been on the Italian market for twenty years, but it has its roots in the Caschera Group, which has been in the steel sector for more than sixty years. Our perfect Italian fencing systems represent the reliability and experience we have in this field.
  • All our solutions are in line with our environmental commitment, thanks to the use of our own renewable energy sources.
  • Our headquarters is in the heart of Italy, in the Lazio Region, precisely in the town of Castelliri (Fr), few kilometres far from Rome. The area in question regards industrial buildings with numerical- control automated production systems of the latest generation managed by qualified and trained personnel, according to qualitative rules necessary.
  • We guarantee the use of raw materials, consumable and packaging with the CE markings and appropriate up-date certifications.